Abilities and Effects is the card text written on most cards in the Force of Will.

It determines how a player should play the card, how the card affects the game and allows a to player get closer to a victory condition.


An ability is the sentences on a card that causes something to happen. Abilities in FoW are divided by three types. "Activated Abilities", "Automatic Abilities", and "Continuous Abilities".

Activated AbilitiesEdit

Flare Dragon

Flare Dragon's "Firebreathing" is an example of Activated Ability.

  • Activated are abilities with the writing format of "(Cost) : (Effect)".
  • The controller of that ability may play it anytime that he/she has priority, and it can be used for chasing an opponent's actions.
  • Some example of Activated Abilities are [God Art] and [Evolution] Keyword skills.
  • Before Seven Kings of The Lands expansion set, Activated Abilities have [Activate] sign in front of them, but after the said expansion, the signs are removed.

Automatic AbilitiesEdit

  • Automatic Abilities are abilities that need to meet its Trigger condition to play.
  • The Trigger conditions are started with the word "When", "Whenever", or "At".
  • All [Spellchant: Standby] cards' abilities are Automatic Abilities.
  • [Enter] Keyword skills are also an Automatic Abilities.
  • Before Seven King of The Lands expansion set, Automatic Abilities have [Continuous] sign in front of them, but after the said expansion, the signs are removed. Maybe to avoid confusion with Continuous abilities.

Continuous AbilitiesEdit

  • Continuous Abilities are abilities that always applied as long as the condition are valid. In some cards, even they don't have any condition at all.
  • Any abilities that don't have a Triggering condition, or don't have "(Cost) : (Effect)" writing format are Continuous Abilities.
  • Any keyword skills that changed how a card is played such as [Awakening], [Quickcast], and [Remnant] are Continuous abilities.
  • Before Seven King of The Lands expansion set, Continuous Abilities have [Continuous] sign in front of them, but after the said expansion, the signs are removed for the same reason as Automatic Abilities.

Will AbilitiesEdit

  • Will Abilities are Activated Abilities that doesn't target and exists solely to produce Will.
  • Will Abilities are a special type of Activated Abilities because they don't use Chase Area, don't start a chase, and automatically resolved after they're played.
  • Spells that produce Will such as Oath of Dark Night aren't Will Abilities.


An effect refers to the type of process described by an ability. Effects are based on how they're applied. Effects can be "One-time Effect", "Continuous Effect", or "Replacement Effect".

  • A one-time effect is an effect to do something and ends the application immediately after that.
  • A continuous effect is an effect that is applied in some duration, or if there is no duration specified, applies as long as the ability is active.
  • A replacement effect is an effect applied to a specific action that one would perform; and instead, not performing it and doing the replacement effect.

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