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Force of Will TCG

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In ancient times, there was a land where Gods and Demons would wage war. A land that was graced by the five Elements, Valhalla. After a long period of time, the fighting never ceased, and would repeat itself time after time. Soon enough, the war itself would involve the people living in Valhalla.

The Gods and Demons would then develop techniques to summon and reincarnate strong, radiant souls, into battlers and soldiers to aid them in their cause.

A whisper was heard... "In exchange for your soul, I shall bestow upon you power unimaginable..." In order to pave a new path to a brighter future, people gathered, and made pacts (Judgement) that would grant them new powers.

Those who fight for their own beliefs, Those who fight for the Gods, Those who fight against the Gods,

Their spirit drives them into Battle, and the Battle, has just begun.

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How To Play

Force of Will is a TCG (Trading Card Game) where 2 players use their Avatar/Ruler to summon Resonators using the power of Will, to battle each other and attain victory.

Players can also support their Resonators with Spells, and also may summon Judgement Rulers/J-Rulers onto the battlefield and fight with their Resonator.

It is recommended that new players go through the Jargon area before learning the Game Flow.

Archangel, Michael

Archangel, Michael

Fallen Angel of Destruction, Astema

Fallen Angel of Destruction, Astema


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