Frey, the Noble God of Sunshine
Frey, the Noble God of Sunshine
Attribute: Wind Wi
Card Type: Resonator
Race: Deity
Cost: 5WiWiVoid 3
ATK/DEF: 600 / 1000
Abilities: While this card is a summon spell, players cannot chase.

[Continuous] When this card attacks, other resonators in your field gain [+200/+0] until end of turn.

[Enter] Search a magic stone from your magic stone deck and put it in your magic stone area rested. Then you shuffle your magic stone deck. Players cannot chase to this [Enter].

Sets and Rarity:
[Valhalla Cluster] The War of Valhalla [EN]

[Valhalla Cluster] The Shaft of Light of Valhalla [JP]
(3-077 — Super Rare)