Legacy Lost

LEL pack

Japanese: 運命の再会
(unmei no saikai)
Translation: Reunion of Fate
Release Date: December 9th, 2016
Next Set: Return of the Dragon Emperor
Previous Set: Curse of the Frozen Casket
Block: Lapis Cluster

Legacy Lost is the thirteenth Japanese expansion in the Trading Card Game and is the twelfth English expansion.

Description Edit


Information Edit

Set Breakdown Edit

It contains 100 cards

  • 5 J/Rulers
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 20 Rares
  • 27 Uncommons
  • 33 Commons
  • 10 Magic Stones
  • 3 Token Cards

Each Box in the expansion contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack.

Card List Edit

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
LEL-001 Amaterasu, Guide of Light Resonator Light L Super Rare
LEL-002 Amaterasu's Foresight Resonator Light L Uncommon
LEL-003 Beast of Holy Light Resonator Light L Common
LEL-004 Lumia’s Purification Chant Light L Rare
LEL-005 Millium's Weapon Chant Light L Common
LEL-006 Snow White of the Crystal Apple Resonator Light L Rare
LEL-007 Spirit of Light Resonator Light L Common
LEL-008 The Seven Dwarves Resonator Light L Uncommon
LEL-009 Ancient Manager Resonator Fire F Common
LEL-010 Bastet, Goddess of Cats Resonator Fire F Super Rare
LEL-011 Bastet's Fascination Chant Fire F Common
LEL-012 Conjure Time Bomb Chant (Ancient Magic) Fire F Uncommon
LEL-013 Invisible Flame Resonator Fire F Common
LEL-014 Skyscraper Giant Resonator Fire F Uncommon
LEL-015 Time-Guide Admiral, Alfred Resonator Fire F Rare
LEL-016 World Flame Summoning Chant (Ancient Magic) Fire F Rare
LEL-017 Alhama'at Mage Knight Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
LEL-018 Charlotte, Wielder of the Sacred Spirit Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
LEL-019 Fishing Chant Water Wa Common
LEL-020 Jiang Ziya, the Fisherman Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
LEL-021 Moojdart's Illusionary Soldier Resonator Water Wa Common
LEL-022 Rachel, Alhama'at's Advisor Resonator Water Wa Rare
LEL-023 Rachel's Smile Chant (Ancient Magic) Water Wa Uncommon
LEL-024 Reunion of Sisters Chant Water Wa Rare
LEL-025 Fiethsing, The Fate Spinning Winds Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
LEL-026 Final Breeze Chant Wind Wi Rare
LEL-027 Gale Force Chant Wind Wi Rare
LEL-028 Jack, Climbing the Beanstalk Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
LEL-029 Luan, Auspicious Beast Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
LEL-030 Magic Stone Life Form Resonator Wind Wi Rare
LEL-031 Planting Beans Chant Wind Wi Common
LEL-032 Sacred Beast of Wind Resonator Wind Wi Common
LEL-033 Alhama'at's Black Lightning Chant Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-034 Death at Midnight Chant Darkness D Common
LEL-035 Dimension Dragon, Nidhogg Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
LEL-036 Fated Reunion Chant Darkness D Rare
LEL-037 Kumomaru Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-038 Shadow of Lapis Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-039 Yashahime, First Daughter of the Mikage Resonator Darkness D Rare
LEL-040 Yashamaru Resonator Darkness D Common
LEL-041 A Rendezvous of Light and Wind Chant Light L/Wind Wi Uncommon
LEL-042 Altea's Elite Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Common
LEL-043 Ammit, Beast of Gluttony Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-044 Ancient Barrier Addition Fire F/Water Wa Uncommon
LEL-045 Barrier Seal Addition Light L/Fire F Uncommon
LEL-046 Blessed Knight Resonator Light L/Fire F Common
LEL-047 Catalyst Spirit Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Common
LEL-048 Crimson Ray Chant Light L/Fire F Common
LEL-049 Curse of the Kyuubi Chant Wind Wi/Darkness D Rare
LEL-050 Deceptive Dream Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Common
LEL-051 Demonic Instigator Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Common
LEL-052 Divine Beast of Attoractia Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Rare
LEL-053 Dragon of Scenic Beauty Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Uncommon
LEL-054 Fairy of Recurrence Resonator Light L/Fire F Common
LEL-055 Faria's Summon Chant Light L/Wind Wi Common
LEL-056 Fiethsing's Monocle Addition Light L/Wind Wi Uncommon
LEL-057 Ghost of Attoractia Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-058 Glorius, Masked Crusader

Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts



Light L/Wind Wi Ruler
LEL-059 Griphon, Racing Across Darkness Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Common
LEL-060 Grusbalesta, Magic Stone Researcher Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Super Rare
LEL-061 Grusbalesta’s Secret Technique Chant Wind Wi/Darkness D Common
LEL-062 Healing Wing Dragon Resonator Light L/Fire F Uncommon
LEL-063 Illusion Wizard Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Common
LEL-064 Illusory Projection Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Common
LEL-065 Invading Demon of Water, Valentina

Valentina, Released Terror



Water Wa/Darkness D Ruler
LEL-066 Jeanne d'Arc, the Pious Flame Resonator Light L/Fire F Rare
LEL-067 Kaguya, Lunar Researcher Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Super Rare
LEL-068 Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly Chant Light L/Wind Wi Rare
LEL-069 Lilias Petal, Agent of Salvation

The Nine-Tailed Fox



Wind Wi/Darkness D Ruler
LEL-070 Lilias Petal's Assistant Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Common
LEL-071 Lumia, the Fated Rebirth

Lumia, Saint of the Crimson Lotus



Light L/Fire F Ruler
LEL-072 Lumia's Judgment Chant Light L/Fire F Rare
LEL-073 Magic Rebound Chant Water Wa/Darkness D Common
LEL-074 Meeting of Light and Fire Chant Light L/Fire F Uncommon
LEL-075 Messenger of Lilias Petal Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Common
LEL-076 Moojdart, Lady of Illusions Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Super Rare
LEL-077 Muul, the Town Thar Never Was Addition Water Wa/Darkness D Common
LEL-078 Nightmare, the Ashen Dream Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Rare
LEL-079 Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance Resonator Light L/Fire F Super Rare
LEL-080 Plot of Water and Darkness Chant Water Wa/Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-081 Priest of Divine Protection Resonator Light L/Fire F Common
LEL-082 Prokaryotic Being Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Uncommon
LEL-083 Rune of Sol Chant (Ancient Magic) Fire F/Water Wa Common
LEL-084 Runic Commander Demon, Akiot Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Super Rare
LEL-085 Sacred Komainu Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Common
LEL-086 Shining Kirin Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Common
LEL-087 Sol, Hierophant of the Helio Star

Sol, Dark Commander of Steam



Fire F/Water Wa Ruler
LEL-088 Steam Explosion Chant (Ancient Magic) Fire F/Water Wa Rare
LEL-089 Sympathy of Fire and Water Chant (Ancient Magic) Fire F/Water Wa Uncommon
LEL-090 The Manticore Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Rare
LEL-091 Tuning of Wind and Darkness Chant Wind Wi/Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-092 Twin-Headed Dragon Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Rare
LEL-093 Valentina's Reach Chant Water Wa/Darkness D Rare
LEL-094 Wetlands of Magical Origin Addition Wind Wi/Darkness D Uncommon
LEL-095 White Horn Kaichi Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Common
LEL-096 Awakened Magic Stone, the Earth Special Magic Stone Light L/Fire F Rare
LEL-097 Killing Stone Special Magic Stone Wind Wi/Darkness D Rare
LEL-098 Magic Stone of Vaporization Special Magic Stone Water Wa/Fire F Rare
LEL-099 Pricia's Memoria Special Magic Stone Light L/Wind Wi Rare
LEL-100 Remains of Attoractia Special Magic Stone Water Wa/Darkness D Rare

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