Leviathan, the Tyrant of Ocean
Leviathan, the Tyrant of Ocean
Attribute: Water Wa
Card Type: Resonator
Race: Dragon
Cost: 6WaWaVoid 4
ATK/DEF: 1200 / 1000
Abilities: [Enter] Banish a card in your lifebreak area. Return resonators up to the number equal to the cards banished to their owner's hand.

[Continuous] Whenever this card destroys an opponent's resonator in a battle, you may put top card of your main deck to your lifebreak area.

Sets and Rarity:
[Valhalla Cluster] Starter Deck : Royal Palace of the Roaring Seas

[Valhalla Cluster] The Dawn of Valhalla
(S-008 — Starter Exclusive)