Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Attribute: Light L
Card Type: Resonator
Race: Fairy Tale / Human
Cost: 3LLVoid 1
Abilities: [Continuous] This card doesn't recover during the recovery phase.

[Activate] Rest a recovered resonator you control other than "Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess" : Recover this card.

[Activate] Rest: Target resonator gains [+200/+0] and [Flying] until end of turn.

Flavor Text:
"If you use her hair I think it might be possible to climb the tower and reach the skies!" ~Swordmans of Full Moon
Sets and Rarity:
[Grimm Cluster] The Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
(CMF-014 — Super Rare)