Sanctuary of Yggdrasil
Sanctuary of Yggdrasil
Attribute: Wind Wi
Card Type: Addition : Field
Cost: 5WiWiWiWiWi
Abilities: [Break] Put this card into your hand.

When this card enters your field, search for cards named "Dainn, the Herald of Beginning", "Dvalinn, the Herald of Continuation" and "Duneyrr, the Herald of Change", from your main deck and put them into your field. Then shuffle your main deck. You cannot activate this ability if you cannot search for all three.

[Continuous] Your [Race:Treeman] and [Race:Divine Tree] resonators gain [+200/+200].

[Continuous] When this card leaves your field, put five cards from your main deck into your graveyard.

Sets and Rarity:
[Valhalla Cluster] The War of Valhalla
(2-088 — Uncommon)