Shubb-Niggurath, the Goddess of Fertility
Shubb-Niggurath, the Goddess of Fertility
Attribute: Fire F
Card Type: Resonator
Race: Cthulhu
Cost: 4FFVoid 2
ATK/DEF: 600 / 600
Abilities: [Incarnation] F, F or D (You may banish one fire resonator and one fire or darkness resonator rather than pay this card's cost.)

[Enter] Search your main deck for a card named "Black Goat" and put it into your field. Then shuffle your main deck.

[Activate] Rest, banish two other Cthulhu resonators: Put target Cthulhu non-spell card from your graveyard into your field.

Flavor Text:
What has been resurrected is truly troublesome." -Kaguya, the Immortal Princess
Sets and Rarity:
[Grimm Cluster] The Moon Priestess Returns
(MPR-032 — Super Rare)