Alice vs Dracula

Alice vs Dracula

Release Date: June 18th, 2015 (IT)
Block: Grimm Cluster

Alice vs Dracula is a Darkness D and Water Wa starter deck.


  • Alice vs Dracula is one of the two first starter deck released for the Grimm Cluster.
  • The starter deck contains 58 cards totals which includes (2) J/Rulers, (2) Super Rares and (2) Rares. All cards are non-foil.
  • The starter deck comes with (1) Reference, (1) Rule Sheet and (1) Play mat.
  • As of now, the starter deck is only available in Italian and German.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity


1 Alice in Wonderland 

Alice, the Drifter in the World



Water Wa Rare
CMF-041 1 Deep Ones Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
CMF-043 1 Hamelin's Pied Piper Resonator Water Wa Rare
CMF-054 1 Squirmer of the Dark Resonator Water Wa Common
CMF-046 2 Knight of the New Moon Resonator Water Wa Common
CMF-080 2 Bloodsucking Impulse Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D Common
CMF-081 1 Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
CMF-085 4 Lora, the Blood Speaker Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
CMF-091 1 Servant of Vampire Resonator Darkness D Common
CMF-091 2 Slipper of Cinderella Addition : Resonator Darkness D Common
CMF-089 1 Resurrection of Vampire Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D Uncommon
CMF-094 1 Vampire Bat Resonator Darkness D Common
CMF-095 1 Vampire's Staff Resonator Darkness D Rare
CMF-094 1 Spiral of Despair Spell : Chant Darkness D Rare
TAT-040 1 Crossroad of Worlds Spell : Chant - Instant Water Wa Uncommon
TAT-044 4 Little Mermaid of Tragic Love Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
TAT-045 4 Mad Hatter Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
TAT-046 1 Mad Tea-Party Addition : Field Water Wa Uncommon
TAT-051 2 Sleeping Rat Resonator Water Wa Common
TAT-54 3 Witch's Dagger Addition : Resonator Water Wa Common
TAT-76 2 Death Sentence from the Queen Spell : Chant - Standby Darkness D Common
TAT-80 2 Elder Things Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
TAT-84 1 Necronomicon Addition : Field Darkness D Uncommon
TAT-88 1 Stoning to Death Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D Rare
CMF-101 8 Magic Stone of Darkness Magic Stone Darkness D Common
CMF-104 8 Magic Stone of Water Magic Stone Water Wa Common
TAT-095 1 Magic Stone of Dark Depth Special Magic Stone Water Wa / Darkness D Rare


1 Alucard, the Dark Noble

Dracula, the Demonic One



Darkness D Rare

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