Magic Circle of the Hurricane

Magic Circle of the Hurricane deck

Japanese: 疾風の魔陣
(Hayate no ma-jin)
Translation: Gale Magic
Release Date: December 29th, 2012 (JP)
February 13th, 2015 (NA)
Block: Valhalla Cluster

Magic Circle of the Hurricane is a Wind Wi starter deck.


  • Magic Circle of the Hurricane is one of the five starter deck from the Valhalla Cluster.
  • Each starter deck contains 50 cards totals which includes (1) Starter Exclusive Ruler, (1) Limited Super Rare and (2) Starter Exclusive Rare.
  • Each starter deck comes with (1) Reference, (1) Rule Sheet and (1) Play mat.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
S-010 1 Deep Green Magician, Liz
Titania, the Fairy Queen
Wind Wi Starter Exclusive
S-011 1 Amphisbaena, the Two-Headed Dragon Resonator Wind Wi Starter Exclusive
S-012 1 Spriggan, the Treasure Watch Resonator Wind Wi Starter Exclusive
2-071 2 Guardian Warrior in Flower Garden Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-079 2 Elvish Berserker Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-076 4 Elvish Patrol Soldier Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-077 4 Jungle Hunter Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-081 4 Forest Guard Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-074 4 Yggnitsvay, the Guardian of Green Branch Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-084 4 Rambletree Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-087 2 Magicsucker Beetle Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-090 2 Deep Forest of Elves Addition : Field Wind Wi Uncommon
2-094 2 Oaken Bow Addition : Resonator Wind Wi Common
2-102 4 Synchrojamming Spell : Chant - Instant Wind Wi Common
2-103 1 Forbidden Fruit Spell : Chant - Standby Wind Wi Rare
2-104 2 Elvish Reinforcement Spell : Chant - Standby Wind Wi Common
2-167 10 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi Common

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