This Ruler can J-activate into Agni, the Pyre War God .
Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman
Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman
Attribute: Fire F
Card Type: Ruler
Race: Samurai
Abilities: [J-Activate] Pay F F Void 2, and discard a card from your hand.

[Continuous] Your resonators with total cost two or less can attack in the turn it's summoned.

[Activate] Discard a card from your hand : Target resonator gains [Explode] until end of turn. This ability can use only in battle phase.

Sets and Rarity:
[Valhalla Cluster] Starter Deck : Wolves of the Raging Flames

[Valhalla Cluster] The Dawn of Valhalla
(S-004 — Starter Exclusive)