Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars

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Release Date: 10th February, 2017
Previous Set: Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles
Block: Lapis Cluster

Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars is a fixed set part of the Lapis Cluster.

Description Edit

The greatest heroes and villains from Force of Will’s past have returned to fight for you once more! The dragon masters of the magic stones have summoned champions of old to partake in the ultimate challenge; fight for them to decide who is the greatest champion of all! Choose your dragon ruler, and join the fight to see who can join the mighty ranks of the Ruler All Stars!

Set Breakdown Edit

  • Fixed set containing a total of 100 different types of cards.
    • 5 Kinds of J/Rulers (All New Cards)
    • 5 Kinds of Magic Stones (Special Design)
    • 10 Kinds of Special Magic Stones (All New Cards)
    • 25 Kinds of Additons & Chants (Reprints)
    • 55 Kinds of Resonators (Including Multi-Attribute)(All New Cards)


Card List Edit

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
VIN003-001 2 Arla, the Light Wing Resonator Light L


2 Arthur, Paladin King of the Round Table Resonator Light L
VIN003-003 2 Dragon Knight Commander, Siegfried Resonator Light L
VIN003-004 2 Faria, Paladin of the Dawn Resonator Light L
VIN003-005 2 Gloria's Castle Town Addition Light L
VIN003-006 2 Grimm, the Legendary King of Fairy Tales Resonator Light L
VIN003-007 1 Guardian of Light Magic Stones

Avatar of Light Magic Stones



Light L
VIN003-008 2 Knight Lord of Godspeed Resonator Light L
VIN003-009 2 Light Wizard Resonator Light L
VIN003-010 2 Lumia, Saint of Creation Resonator Light L
VIN003-011 2 Manifestation of Power Chant Light L
VIN003-012 2 Protective Barrier Chant Light L
VIN003-013 2 Sol, Envoy of Light Resonator Light L
VIN003-014 2 The Final Word Chant Light L
VIN003-015 2 Zero's Magic Light Chant Light L
VIN003-016 2 Bahamut, Phantasmal Dragon Resonator Fire F
VIN003-017 2 Barbatos, World's Greatest Eccentric Resonator Fire F
VIN003-018 2 Barust, Machine Deity of Purgatory Resonator Fire F
VIN003-019 2 Blood Boil Chant Fire F
VIN003-020 2 Burn to Cinders Chant Fire F
VIN003-021 2 Cain, Treacherous Killer of the Gods Resonator Fire F
VIN003-022 2 Certo, the Blazing Volcano Addition Fire F
VIN003-023 2 Demonflame Chant Fire F
VIN003-024 2 Fire Wizard Resonator Fire F
VIN003-025 1 Guardian of Fire Magic Stones

Avatar of Fire Magic Stones



Fire F
VIN003-026 2 Introspective Jutsu Chant Fire F
VIN003-027 2 Melgis, King of Conquest Resonator Fire F
VIN003-028 2 Salamander, Envoy of Fire Resonator Fire F
VIN003-029 2 Shimazu Yoshihiro, Feudal Flame Lord Resonator Fire F
VIN003-030 2 Sylvia Gill Palarilias, Infernal Dragon Resonator Fire F
VIN003-031 2 Alice, Dimensional Traveler Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-032 2 Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic Chant Water Wa
VIN003-033 2 Charm of the Princess Chant Water Wa
VIN003-034 2 Chronos, the God of Time Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-035 2 Dance of Inspiration Chant Water Wa
VIN003-036 1 Guardian of Water Magic Stones

Avatar of Water Magic Stones



Water Wa
VIN003-037 2 Kaguya, Guardian of the Moon Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-038 2 Nymph, Envoy of Water Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-039 2 Separation of Body and Soul Chant Water Wa
VIN003-040 2 Shackles of Ice Addition Water Wa
VIN003-041 2 Shion, the Entrancing Songstress Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-042 2 Tomoe Gozen, Merciful Aqua Twin Swords Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-043 2 Triton, Emperor of the Seven Seas Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-044 2 Valentina, Maiden of the Ocean Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-045 2 Water Wizard Resonator Water Wa
VIN003-046 2 Count D'Artagnan Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-047 2 Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvest Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-048 1 Guardian of Wind Magic Stones

Avatar of Wind Magic Stones



Wind Wi
VIN003-049 2 Heavenly Gust Chant Wind Wi
VIN003-050 2 Helsing, Hunter of the Undead Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-051 2 Little Red, Fairy Tale of Air Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-052 2 Oberon, Lord of Elves Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-053 2 Pricia, Wild Child Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-054 2 Pricia's Call to Action Chant Wind Wi
VIN003-055 2 Rapid Growth Chant Wind Wi
VIN003-056 2 Scheherazade, the Prophet Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-057 2 Silph, Envoy of Wind Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-058 2 The Beast Queen's Counterattack Chant Wind Wi
VIN003-059 2 The World Tree's Guardian Resonator Wind Wi
VIN003-060 2 Wind-Secluded Refuge Addition Wind Wi
VIN003-061 2 Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-062 2 Baleful Avatar Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-063 2 Dark Purge Chant Darkness D
VIN003-064 2 Darkness Wizard Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-065 2 Dracula, King of the Undead Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-066 2 Endless Night Chant Darkness D
VIN003-067 2 Gill Lapis, the Pure Youth Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-068 1 Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones

Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones



Darkness D
VIN003-069 2 Loki, Being of the End Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-070 2 Rezzard, the Vampire Lord Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-071 2 Sariel, Lord of the Moons Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-072 2 Shade, Envoy of Darkness Resonator Darkness D
VIN003-073 2 The Gate of the Silver Key Addition Darkness D
VIN003-074 2 The Scorn of Dark Alice Chant Darkness D
VIN003-075 2 Unseen Pressure Chant Darkness D
VIN003-076 2 Alisaris, Scholar of Phenomena Resonator Fire F / Water Wa
VIN003-077 2 Blazer Gill Rabus, the Pursuer Resonator Fire F / Darkness D
VIN003-078 2 Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans Resonator Light L / Water Wa
VIN003-079 2 Karmic Governor, Laplace Resonator Fire F / Wind Wi
VIN003-080 2 Machina, the Clockwork King Resonator Water Wa / Darkness D
VIN003-081 2 Odin the Omniscient Resonator Wind Wi / Darkness D
VIN003-082 2 Pandora, the Goddess of Light and Dark Resonator Light L / Darkness D
VIN003-083 2 Snow White, the Avenger Resonator Light L / Fire F
VIN003-084 2 Vafthruthnir, Giant Wiseman Resonator Water Wa / Wind Wi
VIN003-085 2 Yggdrasil, the First Tree Resonator Light L / Wind Wi
VIN003-086 2 Burning Water Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Fire F / Water Wa
VIN003-087 2 Gusting Darkness Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Wind Wi / Darkness D
VIN003-088 2 Magic Stone of Murky Waters Special Magic Stone Water Wa / Darkness D
VIN003-089 2 Magic Stone of Nature's Beauty Special Magic Stone Wind Wi / Light L
VIN003-090 2 Magic Stone of Purgatory Special Magic Stone Darkness D / Fire F
VIN003-091 2 Magic Stone of Radiant Waves Special Magic Stone Light L / Water Wa
VIN003-092 2 Magic Stone of Summer's Breeze Special Magic Stone Fire F / Wind Wi
VIN003-093 2 Mysty Wind Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Water Wa / Wind Wi
VIN003-094 2 Shadowy Light Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Darkness D / Light L
VIN003-095 2 Sparkling Fire Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Light L / Fire F
VIN003-096 8 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D
VIN003-097 8 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F
VIN003-098 8 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L
VIN003-099 8 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa
VIN003-100 8 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi