Winds of the Ominous Moon


Japanese: 十六夜の風
(Izayoi no kaze)
Translation: Wind of the Night
Release Date: June 8th, 2018
Next Set: TBA
Previous Set: The Time Spinning Witch
Block: Reiya Cluster
Winds of the Ominous Moon is the nineteenth Japanese and eighteenth English expansion in the Trading Card Game.

Description Edit

At long last, the Time Spinning Witch has appeared in our world. With the last of her power unsealed, Reiya heads to the decisive battle with unwavering determination. With that, a breeze from the future blows by.

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Set Breakdown Edit

130 different cards in total. Each box comes with 36 packs with 10 cards each. Additionally, each box includes 35 separate cards that cannot be found in the booster packs::

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Card List Edit

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
WOM-001 A Mother's Love Chant (Aura) Light L Uncommon
WOM-002 Alexandrite's Crash Chant Light L Uncommon
WOM-003 Arrival of the Hero Chant Light L Rare
WOM-004 Atom Seikhart, the Envoy of Valhalla Resonator Light L Super Rare
WOM-005 Aura of Hope Chant (Aura) Light L Common
WOM-006 Beast of Light Resonator Light L Uncommon
WOM-007 Gem Blade Amethyst Resonator Light L Uncommon
WOM-008 Grimmia's Fairy Resonator Light L Common
WOM-009 Holy Prince's Nanny, Citrin Resonator Light L Rare
WOM-010 Honorable Thief Guild Member Resonator Light L Common
WOM-011 Isolate Chant Light L Common
WOM-012 Jewel Illusion Chant Light L Common
WOM-013 Naughty Child's Chastising Chant Light L Uncommon
WOM-014 Panda Carpenter Resonator Light L Uncommon
WOM-015 Power Gem Warrior Resonator Light L Common
WOM-016 Resuscitating Will Chant (Aura) Light L Rare
WOM-017 Technique Gem Warrior Resonator Light L Common
WOM-018 The Second Advent of Hope, Grimmia Resonator Light L Rare
WOM-019 White Leaf Resonator Light L Common
WOM-020 Xiang Xiang, the Holy Prince Resonator Light L Super Rare
WOM-021 Xiang Xiang's Bodyguard Resonator Light L Common
WOM-022 Burnt Cooking Chant Fire F Common
WOM-023 Dragon Hunter Resonator Fire F Uncommon
WOM-024 Dread Touch Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-025 Earthquake Observer Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-026 Eruption Chant Fire F Uncommon
WOM-027 Fire Bow Elf Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-028 Firebird Chant (Battle Arts) Fire F Common
WOM-029 Ground and Air Supremacy Chant (Battle Arts) Fire F Uncommon
WOM-030 Hoelle Pig Squadron Resonator Fire F Rare
WOM-031 Kaiser Phoenix Chant (Battle Arts) Fire F Super Rare
WOM-032 Lava Majin Resonator Fire F Uncommon
WOM-033 Mt. Hoelle Bodyguard Squad Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-034 Pialle's Cook, Sylvia Resonator Fire F Rare
WOM-035 Power Spike Chant (Battle Arts) Fire F Common
WOM-036 Prismatic Flame Chant Fire F Rare
WOM-037 Red Leaf Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-038 Reunion between the Master and Pupil Chant Fire F Rare
WOM-039 Scarlet's Testament Chant (Aura) Fire F Uncommon
WOM-040 Sprinting Time Horse Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-041 The Three Sisters of Time Resonator Fire F Uncommon
WOM-042 Welser, the Archmage of Fire Resonator Fire F Super Rare
WOM-043 Analyst of the Ocean Floor, Alisaris Resonator Water Wa Rare
WOM-044 Blue Leaf Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-045 Drifting Little Moon Resonator Water Wa Rare
WOM-046 Lightning Speed Crash Chant (Aura) Water Wa Common
WOM-047 Lightning Waterfowl Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-048 Magic Soldier of Time Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-049 Meditation Chant Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-050 Praying Mermaid Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-051 Roar of the Soul Chant Water Wa Rare
WOM-052 Spirit of Time Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-053 The Distortion of Time Chant Water Wa Super Rare
WOM-054 The Dragon Lord's Breath Chant Water Wa Common
WOM-055 The End of Possession Chant Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-056 The Last Thunder Chant Water Wa Rare
WOM-057 The Time Spinning Witch (Ruler)

The Time Spinning Witch (J)

Unbound Princess of Time, Kaguya




Water Wa Ruler
WOM-058 The Witch's Minion Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-059 Time Bound Spirit Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-060 Time Dilation Chant Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-061 Unyielding Dragon Lord, Ragnarok Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
WOM-062 Wererabbit of the Null Moon Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-063 Wings of Ragnarok Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-064 Witch's Lament Chant Water Wa Common
WOM-065 Cecil and Tia Resonator Wind Wi Rare
WOM-066 Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess

Phantom Wind Fiethsing



Wind Wi Ruler
WOM-067 Fairy of the Holy Tree Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-068 Fifth Element Chant (Spirit Magic) Wind Wi Common
WOM-069 Herbivorous Beast, Silomosaurus Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-070 Laurite's Seven Disciples Resonator Wind Wi Rare
WOM-071 Leaf Assassin Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-072 Leaf Dragon Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-073 Leaf Fairy Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-074 Leaf Paladin Resonator Wind Wi Rare
WOM-075 Power of the Emperor Chant Wind Wi Common
WOM-076 Reincarnation of the Holy Tree, Yggdrasil Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
WOM-077 Seed of Rebirth Chant (Story) Wind Wi Rare
WOM-078 Spirit Searching Chant (Spirit Magic) Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-079 The End of Dreams Chant Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-080 The Last Audience Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-081 Time Composing Elf Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-082 Viviane, the Envoy of Rebirth Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-083 Whirling Winds Chant (Aura) Wind Wi Common
WOM-084 Wind Blade Elf Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-085 Winds of Guidance Chant (Aura) Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-086 Winds of Salvation Chant (Aura) Wind Wi Rare
WOM-087 Bird of Demise Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-088 Black Leaf Resonator Darkness D Common
WOM-089 Bloodied Winds Chant (Mystery) Darkness D Common
WOM-090 Dark Bokuro Resonator Darkness D Common
WOM-091 Demon in the Moonlight Resonator Darkness D Common
WOM-092 Essence of the Void Resonator Darkness D Common
WOM-093 Every Last Ounce of Strength Chant Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-094 Glint of Insight Chant (Mystery) Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-095 Kintaro Resonator Darkness D Rare
WOM-096 Kintaro's Partner Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-097 Knight of the Black Moon Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-098 Life or Death Struggle Chant Darkness D Rare
WOM-099 Moonlit Canopy Addition Darkness D Rare
WOM-100 Rei, the Black Owl




Darkness D
Light L
Super Rare
WOM-101 Rei's Gale Chant Darkness D Common
WOM-102 Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage

Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage (J)



Darkness D Ruler
WOM-103 Requiem of the Soul Chant Darkness D Common
WOM-104 Sleeping Vampire Resonator Darkness D Common
WOM-105 The Night Before the Decisive Battle Chant Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-106 The Resistor of Destiny Resonator Darkness D Common
WOM-107 Time Reversal Chant Darkness D Super Rare
WOM-108 Vice-Leader of the Chivalrous Thieves, Blazer Resonator Darkness D Rare
WOM-109 A Heroic Epic for the Thousandth Night Chant Fire F/Darkness D Rare
WOM-110 Attoractia, City of Verdant Green Addition Fire F/Wind Wi Rare
WOM-111 Beyond the Threshold of Time Chant Water Wa/Wind Wi Rare
WOM-112 Inheritor of the Stars, Gill Lapis Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Super Rare
WOM-113 Invitation to Valhalla Chant Water Wa/Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-114 Journey to the Future Chant Light L/Darkness D Uncommon
WOM-115 Reincarnation of the Soul Chant (Spirit Magic) Light L/Wind Wi Uncommon
WOM-116 Restoration Chant Light L/Fire F Uncommon
WOM-117 The Kingdom of Diversity, Light Palace Addition Light L/Water Wa Rare
WOM-118 The Path We Part Chant Fire F/Water Wa Uncommon
WOM-119 Ethereal Wind Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Wind Wi Rare
WOM-120 Magic Stone of Time Special Magic Stone Water Wa/Template:Time Rare
WOM-121 [Variant] Grimmia's Fairy Resonator Light L Common
WOM-122 [Variant] Dread Touch Resonator Fire F Common
WOM-123 [Variant] Wings of Ragnarok Resonator Water Wa Common
WOM-124 [Variant] Herbivorous Beast, Silomosaurus Resonator Wind Wi Common
WOM-125 [Variant] Essence of the Void Resonator Darkness D Common