This Ruler can J-activate into Anubis, the Guardian of Throne .
Zain, the Warrior of Condemnation
Zain, the Warrior of Condemnation
Attribute: Darkness D
Card Type: Ruler
Race: Warrior
Abilities: [J-Activate] Pay D D Void 1 while you have 10 or more cards in your graveyard.

[Activate] Rest: Choose a resonator in your graveyard. Return it to your main deck and shuffle it.

[Continuous] Whenever a resonator is put into a graveyard from a field, this card deals 100 damage to the controller of the resonator.

Sets and Rarity:
[Valhalla Cluster] Starter Deck : Jet Black Phantom

[Valhalla Cluster] The Dawn of Valhalla
(S-013 — Starter Exclusive)